About Aditya Joshi

Aditya Joshi has 11 years of experience in various healthcare and HL7 projects. He has in depth knowledge of all HL7 standards. He has hands on project experience in using all HL7 standards (V2, V3, CDA, CCDA, FHIR).

He has conducted several classroom and online training programs in HL7 standards including V2, V3, CDA and FHIR. Trained more than 1500+ participants across globe in last 7 years.

He has done his engineering in Computer Science & Engineering. He is HL7 certified and senior faculty at HL7 international E-Learning courses.


+91 9011095413



  • Implementation experience in building interfaces using HL7 Standards (FHIR, V2, CDA, CCDA, V3)
  • Trainer for HL7 standards from past 7 years
  • Implementation Knowledge of Biological Data sources and clinical data
  • Business Analysis
  • SQL, Java, XML technologies
  • 11 years of experience in various HL7 projects
  • Certified HL7 5/V2.6 Control Specialist
  • Senior Tutor in HL7 International courses from last 18 editions and trained more than 500+ participants in these online courses
  • Conducted 50+ HL7 onsite trainings in India (corporate and Individual) in last 7 years and trained more than 700+ candidates
  • Executed multiple projects as HL7 consultant and helped client in writing specifications and designing HL7 interfaces
  • Implemented various FHIR projects, written Rest api in FHIR for client use cases, mapping client data to FHIR resources etc.
  • Implementation knowledge of HL7 V2, creating and parsing HL7 messages, creating message profiles for multiple messages
  • Implementation knowledge of HL7 V3 RIM and Worked on SPL (Structured product Labelling) based drug submission documents for U.S F.D.A
  • Experience in writing interfaces using Hapi API and exposure to MirthConnect
  • Certified HL7 5/V2.6 Control Specialist
  • PAHM (Professional, Academy for Healthcare Management) certified (AHM 250 certified)
  • HL7 FHIR Course Faculty at HL7.org. from last 3 years
  • Senior Tutor in HL7 International Fundamentals course from last 7 years
  • Chair, Education committee, HL7 India